Saulius Klimašauskas
Saulius Klimašauskas
Institute of Biotechnology, Life Sciences Center, Vilnius University
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Hhal methyltransferase flips its target base out of the DNA helix
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The DNA (cytosine-5) methyltransferases.
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5-hmC in the brain is abundant in synaptic genes and shows differences at the exon-intron boundary
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Sequence motifs characteristic of DNA [cytosine-N4] methyltransferases: similarity to adenine and cytosine-C5 DNA-methylases
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MHhal binds tightly to substrates containing mismatches at the target base
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Purification and properties of the Eco57l restriction endonuclease and methylas—prototypes of a new class (type IV)
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DNA fluorocode: A single molecule, optical map of DNA with nanometre resolution
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A basal promoter element recognized by free RNA polymerase σ subunit determines promoter recognition by RNA polymerase holoenzyme
A Feklistov, N Barinova, A Sevostyanova, E Heyduk, I Bass, ...
Molecular cell 23 (1), 97-107, 2006
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