Eric Hequet
Eric Hequet
Horn Distinguished Professor and Associate Vice President for Research Texas Tech University
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Application of methylene blue adsorption to cotton fiber specific surface area measurement: Part I. Methodology
C Kaewprasit, E Hequet, N Abidi, JP Gourlot
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Functionalization of a cotton fabric surface with titania nanosols: applications for self-cleaning and UV-protection properties
N Abidi, L Cabrales, E Hequet
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Cotton fabric surface modification for improved UV radiation protection using sol–gel process
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New approach to antibacterial treatment of cotton fabric with silver nanoparticle–doped silica using sol–gel process
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Creation of a set of reference material for cotton fiber maturity measurements
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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic approach to the study of the secondary cell wall development in cotton fiber
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Cotton fabric graft copolymerization using microwave plasma. I. Universal attenuated total reflectance–FTIR study
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Transgenic cotton over-producing spinach sucrose phosphate synthase showed enhanced leaf sucrose synthesis and improved fiber quality under controlled environmental conditions
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Importance of cotton fiber elongation in fiber processing
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Processing sticky cotton: implication of trehalulose in residue build-up
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Evaluation of cotton fiber maturity measurements
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Inheritance of fiber quality and lint yield in a chemically mutated population of cotton
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Functionalization of cotton fabric with vinyltrimethoxysilane
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Application of methylene blue adsorption to cotton fiber specific surface area measurement: Part I. Methodology
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The Journal of Cotton Science 2, 164-173, 1998
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