Manuela Raffatellu
Manuela Raffatellu
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Simian immunodeficiency virus–induced mucosal interleukin-17 deficiency promotes Salmonella dissemination from the gut
M Raffatellu, RL Santos, DE Verhoeven, MD George, RP Wilson, ...
Nature medicine 14 (4), 421-428, 2008
Lipocalin-2 resistance confers an advantage to Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium for growth and survival in the inflamed intestine
M Raffatellu, MD George, Y Akiyama, MJ Hornsby, SP Nuccio, TA Paixao, ...
Cell host & microbe 5 (5), 476-486, 2009
Probiotic bacteria reduce salmonella typhimurium intestinal colonization by competing for iron
E Deriu, JZ Liu, M Pezeshki, RA Edwards, RJ Ochoa, H Contreras, ...
Cell host & microbe 14 (1), 26-37, 2013
Microcins mediate competition among Enterobacteriaceae in the inflamed gut
M Sassone-Corsi, SP Nuccio, H Liu, D Hernandez, CT Vu, AA Takahashi, ...
Nature 540 (7632), 280-283, 2016
Molecular Pathogenesis of Salmonella enterica Serotype Typhimurium-Induced Diarrhea
S Zhang, RA Kingsley, RL Santos, H Andrews-Polymenis, M Raffatellu, ...
Infection and immunity 71 (1), 1-12, 2003
Global chemical effects of the microbiome include new bile-acid conjugations
RA Quinn, AV Melnik, A Vrbanac, T Fu, KA Patras, MP Christy, Z Bodai, ...
Nature 579 (7797), 123-129, 2020
Linking lipid metabolism to the innate immune response in macrophages through sterol regulatory element binding protein-1a
SS Im, L Yousef, C Blaschitz, JZ Liu, RA Edwards, SG Young, M Raffatellu, ...
Cell metabolism 13 (5), 540-549, 2011
No vacancy: how beneficial microbes cooperate with immunity to provide colonization resistance to pathogens
M Sassone-Corsi, M Raffatellu
The Journal of Immunology 194 (9), 4081-4087, 2015
Probiotics: properties, examples, and specific applications
J Behnsen, E Deriu, M Sassone-Corsi, M Raffatellu
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine 3 (3), a010074, 2013
Zinc sequestration by the neutrophil protein calprotectin enhances Salmonella growth in the inflamed gut
JZ Liu, S Jellbauer, AJ Poe, V Ton, M Pesciaroli, TE Kehl-Fie, ...
Cell host & microbe 11 (3), 227-239, 2012
SipA, SopA, SopB, SopD, and SopE2 Contribute to Salmonella enterica Serotype Typhimurium Invasion of Epithelial Cells
M Raffatellu, RP Wilson, D Chessa, H Andrews-Polymenis, QT Tran, ...
Infection and immunity 73 (1), 146-154, 2005
Mucosal immunity to pathogenic intestinal bacteria
A Perez-Lopez, J Behnsen, SP Nuccio, M Raffatellu
Nature Reviews Immunology 16 (3), 135-148, 2016
Th17 cytokines and the gut mucosal barrier
C Blaschitz, M Raffatellu
Journal of clinical immunology 30, 196-203, 2010
The cytokine IL-22 promotes pathogen colonization by suppressing related commensal bacteria
J Behnsen, S Jellbauer, CP Wong, RA Edwards, MD George, W Ouyang, ...
Immunity 40 (2), 262-273, 2014
Nutritional iron turned inside out: intestinal stress from a gut microbial perspective
GAM Kortman, M Raffatellu, DW Swinkels, H Tjalsma
FEMS microbiology reviews 38 (6), 1202-1234, 2014
Circadian clock regulates the host response to Salmonella
MM Bellet, E Deriu, JZ Liu, B Grimaldi, C Blaschitz, M Zeller, RA Edwards, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (24), 9897-9902, 2013
Life in the inflamed intestine, Salmonella style
RL Santos, M Raffatellu, CL Bevins, LG Adams, Ç Tükel, RM Tsolis, ...
Trends in microbiology 17 (11), 498-506, 2009
The Vi Capsular Antigen of Salmonella enterica Serotype Typhi Reduces Toll-Like Receptor-Dependent Interleukin-8 Expression in the Intestinal Mucosa
M Raffatellu, D Chessa, RP Wilson, R Dusold, S Rubino, AJ Bäumler
Infection and immunity 73 (6), 3367-3374, 2005
CsgA is a pathogen‐associated molecular pattern of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium that is recognized by Toll‐like receptor 2
Ç Tükel, M Raffatellu, AD Humphries, RP Wilson, HL Andrews‐Polymenis, ...
Molecular microbiology 58 (1), 289-304, 2005
The use of flow cytometry to detect expression of subunits encoded by 11 Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium fimbrial operons
AD Humphries, M Raffatellu, S Winter, EH Weening, RA Kingsley, ...
Molecular microbiology 48 (5), 1357-1376, 2003
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