Ambarish Biswas
Ambarish Biswas
Senior Scientist, agResearch, New Zealand; Research Fellow, University of Otago, New Zealand
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Genomic and metagenomic surveys of hydrogenase distribution indicate H2 is a widely utilised energy source for microbial growth and survival
C Greening, A Biswas, CR Carere, CJ Jackson, MC Taylor, MB Stott, ...
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CRISPRTarget: bioinformatic prediction and analysis of crRNA targets
A Biswas, JN Gagnon, SJJ Brouns, PC Fineran, CM Brown
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CRISPRDetect: a flexible algorithm to define CRISPR arrays
A Biswas, RHJ Staals, SE Morales, PC Fineran, CM Brown
BMC genomics 17, 1-14, 2016
Interference-driven spacer acquisition is dominant over naive and primed adaptation in a native CRISPR–Cas system
RHJ Staals, SA Jackson, A Biswas, SJJ Brouns, CM Brown, PC Fineran
Nature communications 7 (1), 12853, 2016
H2 metabolism is widespread and diverse among human colonic microbes
PG Wolf, A Biswas, SE Morales, C Greening, HR Gaskins
Gut microbes 7 (3), 235-245, 2016
Phylogenetic and functional potential links pH and N2O emissions in pasture soils
MS Samad, A Biswas, LR Bakken, TJ Clough, CAM de Klein, KG Richards, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 35990, 2016
The methanogenic redox cofactor F420 is widely synthesized by aerobic soil bacteria
B Ney, FH Ahmed, CR Carere, A Biswas, AC Warden, SE Morales, ...
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Exploitation of the cooperative behaviors of anti-CRISPR phages
A Chevallereau, S Meaden, O Fradet, M Landsberger, A Maestri, ...
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Accurate computational prediction of the transcribed strand of CRISPR non-coding RNAs
A Biswas, PC Fineran, CM Brown
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Bifidobacterium bifidum ATCC 15696 and Bifidobacterium breve 24b Metabolic Interaction Based on 2′-O-Fucosyl-Lactose Studied in Steady-State Cultures in a …
M Centanni, SA Ferguson, IM Sims, A Biswas, GW Tannock
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 85 (7), e02783-18, 2019
Global structuring of phylogenetic and functional diversity of pelagic fungi by depth and temperature
SE Morales, A Biswas, GJ Herndl, F Baltar
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 131, 2019
MetDAT: a modular and workflow-based free online pipeline for mass spectrometry data processing, analysis and interpretation
A Biswas, KC Mynampati, S Umashankar, S Reuben, G Parab, R Rao, ...
Bioinformatics 26 (20), 2639-2640, 2010
High viral abundance and low diversity are associated with increased CRISPR-Cas prevalence across microbial ecosystems
S Meaden, A Biswas, K Arkhipova, SE Morales, BE Dutilh, ER Westra, ...
Current Biology 32 (1), 220-227. e5, 2022
Phage gene expression and host responses lead to infection-dependent costs of CRISPR immunity
S Meaden, L Capria, E Alseth, S Gandon, A Biswas, L Lenzi, S van Houte, ...
The ISME journal 15 (2), 534-544, 2021
Scan for Motifs: a webserver for the analysis of post-transcriptional regulatory elements in the 3′ untranslated regions (3′ UTRs) of mRNAs
A Biswas, CM Brown
BMC bioinformatics 15, 1-6, 2014
A prospective study of bloodstream infections among febrile adolescents and adults attending Yangon General Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar
TO Myat, KM Oo, HK Mone, WW Htike, A Biswas, RF Hannaway, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 14 (4), e0008268, 2020
Sharing a β-glucan meal: Transcriptomic eavesdropping on a Bacteroides ovatus-Subdoligranulum variabile-Hungatella hathewayi consortium
M Centanni, IM Sims, TJ Bell, A Biswas, GW Tannock
Applied and environmental microbiology 86 (20), e01651-20, 2020
Molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and phylogenetic relationships of Salmonella enterica isolates from febrile patients in Yangon, Myanmar
KM Oo, TO Myat, WW Htike, A Biswas, RF Hannaway, DR Murdoch, ...
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 113 (10 …, 2019
Computational detection of CRISPR/crRNA targets
A Biswas, PC Fineran, CM Brown
CRISPR: Methods and Protocols, 77-89, 2015
datPAV—an online processing, analysis and visualization tool for exploratory investigation of experimental data
A Biswas, R Rao, S Umashankar, KC Mynampati, S Reuben, G Parab, ...
Bioinformatics 27 (11), 1585-1586, 2011
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