Shinya Onogi
Shinya Onogi
Kiti vardai小野木 真哉
Department of Biomedical Information, Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical
Patvirtintas el. paštas
A new robotic-assisted flexible endoscope with single-hand control: endoscopic submucosal dissection in the ex vivo porcine stomach
T Iwasa, R Nakadate, S Onogi, Y Okamoto, J Arata, S Oguri, H Ogino, ...
Surgical endoscopy 32, 3386-3392, 2018
Production and validation of acoustic field to enhance trapping efficiency of microbubbles by using a matrix array transducer
N Hosaka, R Koda, S Onogi, T Mochizuki, K Masuda
Japanese journal of applied physics 52 (7S), 07HF14, 2013
Evaluation of active control of bubble liposomes in a bifurcated flow under various ultrasound conditions
R Koda, J Koido, N Hosaka, S Onogi, T Mochizuki, K Masuda, R Suzuki, ...
Advanced Biomedical Engineering 3, 21-28, 2014
Loss weightings for improving imbalanced brain structure segmentation using fully convolutional networks
T Sugino, T Kawase, S Onogi, T Kin, N Saito, Y Nakajima
Healthcare 9 (8), 938, 2021
Development of the needle insertion robot for percutaneous vertebroplasty
S Onogi, K Morimoto, I Sakuma, Y Nakajima, T Koyama, N Sugano, ...
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2005: 8th …, 2005
Surgical robot for intraluminal access: An ex vivo feasibility study
R Nakadate, T Iwasa, S Onogi, J Arata, S Oguri, Y Okamoto, T Akahoshi, ...
Cyborg and Bionic Systems, 2020
A fluorolaser navigation system to guide linear surgical tool insertion
JT Liang, T Doke, S Onogi, S Ohashi, I Ohnishi, I Sakuma, Y Nakajima
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 7, 931-939, 2012
Improving the strength of sutureless laser‐assisted vessel repair using preloaded longitudinal compression on tissue edge
R Nakadate, S Omori, T Ikeda, T Akahoshi, S Oguri, J Arata, S Onogi, ...
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 49 (5), 533-538, 2017
3D ultrasound navigation system with reconstruction of blood vessel network for microbubble delivery therapy
S Onogi, TH Phan, A Bossard, N Hosaka, R Koda, T Mochizuki, K Masuda
Advanced Biomedical Engineering 3, 29-36, 2014
Robotic ultrasound guidance by B-scan plane positioning control
S Onogi, T Yoshida, Y Sugano, T Mochizuki, K Masuda
Procedia CIRP 5, 100-103, 2013
Position control of ultrasound transducer by parallel link robot for ultrasonic therapy in blood vessel
S Onogi, S Irisawa, K Natsume, R Koda, K Masuda
Advanced Biomedical Engineering 2, 117-123, 2013
Robotic ultrasound probe handling auxiliary by active compliance control
S Onogi, Y Urayama, S Irisawa, K Masuda
Advanced Robotics 27 (7), 503-512, 2013
Registration using 3D-printed rigid templates outperforms manually scanned surface matching in image-guided temporal bone surgery
M Yamashita, N Matsumoto, B Cho, N Komune, S Onogi, J Lee, J Bano, ...
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 11, 2119-2127, 2016
Fluoroscopy-based laser guidance system for linear surgical tool insertion depth control
T Doke, JT Liang, S Onogi, Y Nakajima
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 10, 275-283, 2015
Investigation of shape-from-focus precision by texture frequency analysis
S Onogi, T Kawase, T Sugino, Y Nakajima
Electronics 10 (16), 1870, 2021
Automatic Doppler Volume Fusion of 3D Ultrasound using Point-based Registration of Shared Bifurcation Points
S Onogi, TH Phan, T Mochizuki, K Masuda
Advanced Biomedical Engineering 4, 27-34, 2015
3D Shape Reconstruction Endoscope using Shape from Focus.
T Takeshita, Y Nakajima, MK Kim, S Onogi, M Mitsuishi, Y Matsumoto
VISAPP (1), 411-416, 2009
An accurate calibration method of ultrasound images by center positions of a metal ball
S Onogi, Y Sugano, T Yoshida, K Masuda
2012 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2012
Navigation system with augmented reality for ultrasonic microbubble delivery therapy
S Onogi, Y Taguchi, Y Sugano, N Shigehara, R Koda, A Bossard, ...
Advanced Biomedical Engineering 1, 16-22, 2012
Three-dimensional design of acoustic field to trap higher amount of microbubbles in flow using a matrix array transducer
N Hosaka, K Masuda, R Koda, T Mochizuki, S Onogi
Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), 2013 IEEE International, 2110-2113, 2013
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