Sukrit Silas
Sukrit Silas
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Direct CRISPR spacer acquisition from RNA by a natural reverse transcriptase–Cas1 fusion protein
S Silas, G Mohr, DJ Sidote, LM Markham, A Sanchez-Amat, D Bhaya, ...
Science 351 (6276), aad4234, 2016
Doubling of the known set of RNA viruses by metagenomic analysis of an aquatic virome
YI Wolf, S Silas, Y Wang, S Wu, M Bocek, D Kazlauskas, M Krupovic, ...
Nature microbiology 5 (10), 1262-1270, 2020
Type III CRISPR-Cas systems can provide redundancy to counteract viral escape from type I systems
S Silas, P Lucas-Elio, SA Jackson, A Aroca-Crevillen, LL Hansen, ...
Elife 6, e27601, 2017
On the origin of reverse transcriptase-using CRISPR-Cas systems and their hyperdiverse, enigmatic spacer repertoires
S Silas, KS Makarova, S Shmakov, D Páez-Espino, G Mohr, Y Liu, ...
MBio 8 (4), 10.1128/mbio. 00897-17, 2017
Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster as an alternative model system for investigating the pathogenicity of Candida albicans
MT Glittenberg, S Silas, DM MacCallum, NAR Gow, P Ligoxygakis
Disease models & mechanisms 4 (4), 504-514, 2011
A novel high-throughput molecular counting method with single base-pair resolution enables accurate single-gene NIPT
DS Tsao, S Silas, BP Landry, NP Itzep, AB Nguyen, S Greenberg, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 14382, 2019
Bacteriophages inhibit and evade cGAS-like immune function in bacteria
E Huiting, X Cao, J Ren, JS Athukoralage, Z Luo, S Silas, N An, H Carion, ...
Cell 186 (4), 864-876. e21, 2023
A reverse transcriptase-Cas1 fusion protein contains a Cas6 domain required for both CRISPR RNA biogenesis and RNA spacer acquisition
G Mohr, S Silas, JL Stamos, KS Makarova, LM Markham, J Yao, ...
Molecular cell 72 (4), 700-714. e8, 2018
Altered mitochondria functionality defines a metastatic cell state in lung cancer and creates an exploitable vulnerability
CH Chuang, M Dorsch, P Dujardin, S Silas, K Ueffing, JM Hölken, D Yang, ...
Cancer research 81 (3), 567-579, 2021
Rapid deployment of SARS-CoV-2 testing: The CLIAHUB
ED Crawford, I Acosta, V Ahyong, EC Anderson, S Arevalo, D Asarnow, ...
PLoS pathogens 16 (10), e1008966, 2020
Direct crispr spacer acquisition from rna by a reverse-transcriptase-cas1 fusion protein
S Silas, G Mohr, D Bhaya, AM Lambowitz, A Fire
US Patent App. 15/440,315, 2017
Human IgE responses to different splice variants of Schistosoma mansoni tropomyosin: associations with immunity
S Silas, CM Fitzsimmons, FM Jones, AP de Moira, J Wawrzyniak, ...
International journal for parasitology 44 (6), 381-390, 2014
Bacteriophages antagonize cGAS-like immunity in bacteria
E Huiting, J Athukoralage, J Guan, S Silas, H Carion, J Bondy-Denomy
BioRxiv, 2022.03. 30.486325, 2022
A small RNA isolation and sequencing protocol and its application to assay CRISPR RNA biogenesis in bacteria
S Silas, N Jain, M Stadler, BXH Fu, A Sánchez-Amat, AZ Fire, J Arribere
Bio-protocol 8 (4), e2727-e2727, 2018
Translation-dependent downregulation of Cas12a mRNA by an anti-CRISPR protein
ND Marino, A Talaie, H Carion, MC Johnson, Y Zhang, S Silas, Y Li, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.11. 29.518452, 2022
Parallelized screening of virus accessory genes reveals diverse defense and counter-defense mechanisms
S Silas, H Carion, KS Makarova, E Laderman, DS Godinez, M Johnson, ...
Isolation of phages infecting Marinomonas mediterranea by an enrichment protocol
P Lucas-Elío, S Silas, A Sanchez-Amat
Bio-protocol, e2921-e2921, 2018
Quality control templates ensuring validity of sequencing-based assays
D Tsao, S Silas, O Atay
US Patent 11,629,381, 2023
Activation of programmed cell death and counter-defense functions of phage accessory genes
S Silas, H Carion, KS Makarova, E Laderman, DS Godinez, M Johnson, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.04. 06.535777, 2023
Quality control templates ensuring validity of sequencing-based assays
D Tsao, S Silas, O Atay
US Patent App. 17/952,098, 2023
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