Hay RT
Hay RT
Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Dundee
Patvirtintas el. paštas
SUMO: a history of modification
RT Hay
Molecular cell 18 (1), 1-12, 2005
SUMO-1 modification of IκBα inhibits NF-κB activation
JMP Desterro, MS Rodriguez, RT Hay
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Thiordoxin regulates the DNA binding activity of NF-χB by reduction of a disulphid bond involving cysteine 62
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Polymeric chains of SUMO-2 and SUMO-3 are conjugated to protein substrates by SAE1/SAE2 and Ubc9
MH Tatham, E Jaffray, OA Vaughan, JMP Desterro, CH Botting, ...
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SUMO-1 conjugation in vivo requires both a consensus modification motif and nuclear targeting
MS Rodriguez, C Dargemont, RT Hay
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (16), 12654-12659, 2001
RNF4 is a poly-SUMO-specific E3 ubiquitin ligase required for arsenic-induced PML degradation
MH Tatham, MC Geoffroy, L Shen, A Plechanovova, N Hattersley, ...
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SUMO‐1 modification activates the transcriptional response of p53
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Mdm2-mediated NEDD8 conjugation of p53 inhibits its transcriptional activity
DP Xirodimas, MK Saville, JC Bourdon, RT Hay, DP Lane
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Nuclear localization of IκBα promotes active transport of NF-κB from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
F Arenzana-Seisdedos, P Turpin, M Rodriguez, D Thomas, RT Hay, ...
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F Arenzana-Seisdedos, J Thompson, MS Rodriguez, F Bachelerie, ...
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JR Matthews, CH Botting, M Panico, HR Morris, RT Hay
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Structure of a RING E3 ligase and ubiquitin-loaded E2 primed for catalysis
A Plechanovová, EG Jaffray, MH Tatham, JH Naismith, RT Hay
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F Golebiowski, I Matic, MH Tatham, C Cole, Y Yin, A Nakamura, J Cox, ...
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Family-wide analysis of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase activity
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Nature communications 5 (1), 4426, 2014
Ubch9 conjugates SUMO but not ubiquitin
JMP Desterro, J Thomson, RT Hay
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Mutations in the IkBa gene in Hodgkin's disease suggest a tumour suppressor role for IκBα
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SIRT1 deacetylation and repression of p300 involves lysine residues 1020/1024 within the cell cycle regulatory domain 1
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Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (11), 10264-10276, 2005
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