Sergio Salmeron-Majadas
Sergio Salmeron-Majadas
Atos Research & Innovation (SPAIN)
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Towards emotion detection in educational scenarios from facial expressions and body movements through multimodal approaches
M Saneiro, OC Santos, S Salmeron-Majadas, JG Boticario
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
An evaluation of mouse and keyboard interaction indicators towards non-intrusive and low cost affective modeling in an educational context
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario
Procedia Computer Science 35, 691-700, 2014
A methodological approach to eliciting affective educational recommendations
OC Santos, M Saneiro, S Salmeron-Majadas, JG Boticario
2014 IEEE 14th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …, 2014
Emotions detection from math exercises by combining several data sources
OC Santos, S Salmeron-Majadas, JG Boticario
Artificial Intelligence in Education: 16th International Conference, AIED …, 2013
A machine learning approach to leverage individual keyboard and mouse interaction behavior from multiple users in real-world learning scenarios
S Salmeron-Majadas, RS Baker, OC Santos, JG Boticario
IEEE Access 6, 39154-39179, 2018
Filtering of spontaneous and low intensity emotions in educational contexts
S Salmeron-Majadas, M Arevalillo-Herráez, OC Santos, M Saneiro, ...
Artificial Intelligence in Education: 17th International Conference, AIED …, 2015
Exploring indicators from keyboard and mouse interactions to predict the user affective state
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario
Educational Data Mining 2014, 2014
Some insights into the impact of affective information when delivering feedback to students
R Cabestrero, P Quirós, OC Santos, S Salmeron-Majadas, R Uria-Rivas, ...
Behaviour & Information Technology 37 (12), 1252-1263, 2018
MAMIPEC-affective modeling in inclusive personalized educational scenarios
OC Santos, JG Boticario, M Arevalillo-Herráez, M Saneiro, R Cabestrero, ...
Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology 14 (4), 35-38, 2012
Challenges for inclusive affective detection in educational scenarios
OC Santos, A Rodriguez-Ascaso, JG Boticario, S Salmeron-Majadas, ...
Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design Methods, Tools, and …, 2013
Providing personalized guidance in arithmetic problem solving
M Arevalillo-Herráez, D Arnau, L Marco-Giménez, JA González-Calero, ...
UMAP Workshops, 2014
Affective State Detection in Educational Systems through Mining Multimodal Data Sources
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario
Towards Enriching an ITS with Affective Support.
M Arevalillo-Herráez, S Moreno-Picot, D Arnau, P Moreno-Clari, ...
UMAP Workshops, 2013
Gathering Emotional Data from Multiple Sources
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario, R Cabestrero, P Quirós, ...
Affective standards-based modeling in educational contexts from mining multimodal data sources.
S Salmeron-Majadas
UMAP Workshops, 2014
Inclusive personalized e-learning based on affective adaptive support
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario
User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization: 21th International …, 2013
Affective and Behavioral Assessment for Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring Systems.
L Marco-Giménez, M Arevalillo-Herráez, FJ Ferri, S Moreno-Picot, ...
UMAP (Extended Proceedings), 2016
The Potential of Ambient Intelligence to Deliver Interactive Context-Aware Affective Educational Support Through Recommendations.
OC Santos, M Saneiro, MC Rodriguez-Sanchez, J Boticario, R Uria-Rivas, ...
EDM (Workshops), 2015
Towards multimodal affective detection in educational systems through mining emotional data sources
S Salmeron-Majadas, OC Santos, JG Boticario
Artificial Intelligence in Education: 17th International Conference, AIED …, 2015
BIG-AFF: Exploring Low Cost and Low Intrusive Infrastructures for Affective Computing in Secondary Schools
JG Boticario, OC Santos, R Cabestrero, P Quirós, S Salmerón-Majadas, ...
Adjunct Publication of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and …, 2017
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