Tyll Krüger
Tyll Krüger
Patvirtintas el. paštas
A look into the future of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe: an expert consultation
EN Iftekhar, V Priesemann, R Balling, S Bauer, P Beutels, AC Valdez, ...
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Risk attitude, beliefs, and information in a Corruption Game–An experimental analysis
SK Berninghaus, S Haller, T Krüger, T Neumann, S Schosser, B Vogt
Journal of economic psychology 34, 46-60, 2013
Network of European Union–funded collaborative research and development projects
MJ Barber, A Krueger, T Krueger, T Roediger-Schluga
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Local instability of orbits in polygonal and polyhedral billiards
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A quantum version of Sanov's theorem
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The Shannon-McMillan theorem for ergodic quantum lattice systems
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Periodic billiard orbits are dense in rational polygons
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A pre-registered short-term forecasting study of COVID-19 in Germany and Poland during the second wave
J Bracher, D Wolffram, J Deuschel, K Görgen, JL Ketterer, A Ullrich, ...
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Mitigation and herd immunity strategy for COVID-19 is likely to fail
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Conformity, anticonformity and polarization of opinions: insights from a mathematical model of opinion dynamics
T Krueger, J Szwabiński, T Weron
Entropy 19 (7), 371, 2017
What can one learn about Self-Organized Criticality from Dynamical Systems theory?
P Blanchard, B Cessac, T Krüger
Journal of Statistical Physics 98, 375-404, 2000
Predictive performance of multi-model ensemble forecasts of COVID-19 across European nations
K Sherratt, H Gruson, H Johnson, R Niehus, B Prasse, F Sandmann, ...
Elife 12, e81916, 2023
Risk assessment of COVID-19 epidemic resurgence in relation to SARS-CoV-2 variants and vaccination passes
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Communications Medicine 2 (1), 23, 2022
Entropy and quantum Kolmogorov complexity: A quantum Brudno’s theorem
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Acceleration of bouncing balls in external fields
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Markov partitions and shadowing for non-uniformly hyperbolic systems with singularities
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The “Cameo Principle” and the origin of scale-free graphs in social networks
P Blanchard, T Krüger
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Lyapunov exponents and transport in the Zhang model of self-organized criticality
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Topological and symbolic dynamics for hyperbolic systems with holes
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Typical support and Sanov large deviations of correlated states
I Bjelaković, JD Deuschel, T Krüger, R Seiler, R Siegmund-Schultze, ...
Communications in mathematical physics 279, 559-584, 2008
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