Pasquale Lisena
Pasquale Lisena
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DOREMUS: A graph of linked musical works
M Achichi, P Lisena, K Todorov, R Troncy, J Delahousse
The Semantic Web–ISWC 2018: 17th International Semantic Web Conference …, 2018
Easy web API development with SPARQL transformer
P Lisena, A Meroño-Peñuela, T Kuhn, R Troncy
The Semantic Web–ISWC 2019: 18th International Semantic Web Conference …, 2019
Controlled vocabularies for music metadata
P Lisena, K Todorov, C Cecconi, F Leresche, I Canno, F Puyrenier, ...
ISMIR: International Society for Music Information Retrieval, 2018
An ensemble approach of recurrent neural networks using pre-trained embeddings for playlist completion
D Monti, E Palumbo, G Rizzo, P Lisena, R Troncy, M Fell, E Cabrio, ...
Proceedings of the ACM Recommender Systems Challenge 2018, 1-6, 2018
Transforming the JSON output of SPARQL queries for linked data clients
P Lisena, R Troncy
Companion Proceedings of the The Web Conference 2018, 775-780, 2018
Exploring linked classical music catalogs with overture
P Lisena, M Achichi, E Fernández, K Todorov, R Troncy
ISWC: International Semantic Web Conference, 2016
A novel ensemble method for named entity recognition and disambiguation based on neural network
L Canale, P Lisena, R Troncy
The Semantic Web–ISWC 2018: 17th International Semantic Web Conference …, 2018
ToModAPI: a topic modeling API to train, use and compare topic models
P Lisena, I Harrando, O Kandakji, R Troncy
Proceedings of second workshop for NLP open source software (NLP-OSS), 132-140, 2020
Modeling the complexity of music metadata in semantic graphs for exploration and discovery
P Lisena, R Troncy, K Todorov, M Achichi
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Digital Libraries for …, 2017
Improving (re-) usability of musical datasets: An overview of the DOREMUS project
P Lisena, M Achichi, P Choffé, C Cecconi, K Todorov, B Jacquemin, ...
Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis 42 (2), 194-205, 2018
Apples to apples: A systematic evaluation of topic models
I Harrando, P Lisena, R Troncy
Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural …, 2021
Transdisciplinary analysis of a corpus of French newsreels: The ANTRACT Project
J Carrive, A Beloued, P Goetschel, S Heiden, A Laurent, P Lisena, ...
Digital Humanities Quarterly 15 (1), 2021
Combining Music Specific Embeddings for Computing Artist Similarity
P Lisena, R Troncy
ISMIR 2017, 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval …, 2017
FaceRec: an interactive framework for face recognition in video archives
P Lisena, J Laaksonen, R Troncy
DataTV 2021, 2nd International Workshop on Data-driven Personalisation of …, 2021
DOing REusable MUSical Data (DOREMUS).
P Lisena, R Troncy
K-CAP Workshops, 64-68, 2017
Using Fan-Made Content, Subtitles and Face Recognition for Character-Centric Video Summarization.
I Harrando, A Reboud, P Lisena, R Troncy, J Laaksonen, A Virkkunen, ...
DriveSCOVER: A Tourism Recommender System Based on External Driving Factors.
B Klotz, P Lisena, R Troncy, D Wilms, C Bonnet
ISWC (Posters, Demos & Industry Tracks), 2017
A multilingual benchmark to capture olfactory situations over time
S Menini, T Paccosi, S Tonelli, M Van Erp, I Leemans, P Lisena, R Troncy, ...
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical …, 2022
MIDI2vec: Learning MIDI embeddings for reliable prediction of symbolic music metadata
P Lisena, A Meroño-Peñuela, R Troncy
Semantic Web 13 (3), 357-377, 2022
Web data APIS for knowledge graphs: easing access to semantic data for application developers
A Meroño-Peñuela, P Lisena, C Martínez-Ortiz
Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2021
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