Emilia Furia
Emilia Furia
Professore Associato di Chimica Analitica, Università della Calabria
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Study of the adsorption of mercury (II) on lignocellulosic materials under static and dynamic conditions
FEA Arias, A Beneduci, F Chidichimo, E Furia, S Straface
Chemosphere 180, 11-23, 2017
Multielement fingerprinting as a tool in origin authentication of PGI food products: Tropea red onion
E Furia, A Naccarato, G Sindona, G Stabile, A Tagarelli
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (15), 8450-8457, 2011
Multivariate class modeling techniques applied to multielement analysis for the verification of the geographical origin of chili pepper
A Naccarato, E Furia, G Sindona, A Tagarelli
Food chemistry 206, 217-222, 2016
Insights into the coordination mode of quercetin with the Al (III) ion from a combined experimental and theoretical study
E Furia, T Marino, N Russo
Dalton Transactions 43 (19), 7269-7274, 2014
Complexation behaviour of caffeic, ferulic and p-coumaric acids towards aluminium cations: A combined experimental and theoretical approach
A Beneduci, E Furia, N Russo, T Marino
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (12), 5182-5190, 2017
Study of the coordination of ortho-tyrosine and trans-4-hydroxyproline with aluminum (III) and iron (III)
D Aiello, E Furia, C Siciliano, D Bongiorno, A Napoli
Journal of Molecular Liquids 269, 387-397, 2018
Mass spectrometry and potentiometry studies of Pb (II)–, Cd (II)–and Zn (II)–cystine complexes
E Furia, D Aiello, L Di Donna, F Mazzotti, A Tagarelli, H Thangavel, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (3), 1055-1062, 2014
Insight on the chelation of aluminum (III) and iron (III) by curcumin in aqueous solution
A Beneduci, GA Corrente, T Marino, D Aiello, L Bartella, L Di Donna, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 296, 111805, 2019
Preparation of polymeric membranes and microcapsules using an ionic liquid as morphology control additive
DS Lakshmi, T Cundari, E Furia, A Tagarelli, G Fiorani, M Carraro, A Figoli
Macromolecular Symposia 357 (1), 159-167, 2015
A review on coordination properties of Al (III) and Fe (III) toward natural antioxidant molecules: Experimental and theoretical insights
L Malacaria, GA Corrente, A Beneduci, E Furia, T Marino, G Mazzone
Molecules 26 (9), 2603, 2021
Complexation of l-Cystine with Metal Cations
E Furia, G Sindona
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 55 (9), 2985-2989, 2010
Rapid discrimination of bergamot essential oil by paper spray mass spectrometry and chemometric analysis
D Taverna, L Di Donna, F Mazzotti, A Tagarelli, A Napoli, E Furia, ...
Journal of mass spectrometry 51 (9), 761-767, 2016
HSP90 and pCREB alterations are linked to mancozeb-dependent behavioral and neurodegenerative effects in a marine teleost
M Zizza, M Di Lorenzo, V Laforgia, E Furia, G Sindona, M Canonaco, ...
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 323, 26-35, 2017
Synthetic, potentiometric and spectroscopic studies of chelation between Fe (III) and 2, 5-DHBA supports salicylate-mode of siderophore binding interactions
SK Porwal, E Furia, ME Harris, R Viswanathan, L Devireddy
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 145, 1-10, 2015
2-Hydroxybenzamide as a ligand. Complex formation with dioxouranium (VI), aluminum (III), neodymium (III), and nickel (II) ions
E Furia, R Porto
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 53 (12), 2739-2745, 2008
Aluminum (III), iron (III) and copper (II) complexes of luteolin: Stability, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties
L Malacaria, C La Torre, E Furia, A Fazio, MC Caroleo, E Cione, L Gallelli, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 345, 117895, 2022
Complexation of Al3+ and Ni2+ by l-Ascorbic Acid: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
D Cesario, E Furia, G Mazzone, A Beneduci, G De Luca, E Sicilia
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (51), 9773-9781, 2017
Speciation of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid with calcium (II), magnesium (II), and nickel (II) cations in self-medium
E Furia, A Napoli, A Tagarelli, G Sindona
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 58 (5), 1349-1353, 2013
Antiproliferative activity of novel isatinyl/indanyl nitrones (INs) as potential spin trapping agents of free radical intermediates
L Maiuolo, G Feriotto, V Algieri, M Nardi, B Russo, ML Di Gioia, E Furia, ...
MedChemComm 9 (2), 299-304, 2018
Experimental and theoretical study on the coordination properties of quercetin towards aluminum (III), iron (III) and copper (II) in aqueous solution
GA Corrente, L Malacaria, A Beneduci, E Furia, T Marino, G Mazzone
Journal of Molecular Liquids 325, 115171, 2021
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