Amélie Cordier
Amélie Cordier
LIRIS - Université Lyon 1
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Taaable: Text mining, ontology engineering, and hierarchical classification for textual case-based cooking
F Badra, R Bendaoud, R Bentebibel, PA Champin, J Cojan, A Cordier, ...
9th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning-ECCBR 2008, Workshop …, 2008
Taaable: A Case-Based System for Personalized Cooking
A Cordier, V Dufour-Lussier, J Lieber, E Nauer, F Badra, J Cojan, ...
Successful Case-based Reasoning Applications-2, 121-162, 2014
Opportunistic adaptation knowledge discovery
F Badra, A Cordier, J Lieber
International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 60-74, 2009
Trace-based reasoning-modeling interaction traces for reasoning on experiences
A Cordier, M Lefevre, PA Champin, O Georgeon, A Mille
The 26th International FLAIRS Conference, 1-15, 2013
Wiki-Taaable: A semantic wiki as a blackboard for a textual case-based reasoning system
A Cordier, J Lieber, P Molli, E Nauer, H Skaf-Molli, Y Toussaint
4th Workshop on Semantic Wikis (SemWiki 2009). 6th European Semantic Web …, 2009
Knowledge acquisition and discovery for the textual case-based cooking system WIKITAAABLE
F Badra, J Cojan, A Cordier, J Lieber, T Meilender, A Mille, P Molli, ...
8th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning-ICCBR 2009, Workshop …, 2009
Extending case-based reasoning with traces
A Cordier, B Mascret, A Mille
Grand Challenges for reasoning from experiences, Workshop at IJCAI 9, 31, 2009
Engineering and learning of adaptation knowledge in case-based reasoning
A Cordier, B Fuchs, A Mille
International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management …, 2006
Dynamic case based reasoning for contextual reuse of experience
A Cordier, B Mascret, A Mille
Provenance-Awareness in Case-Based Reasoning Workshop. ICCBR, 69-78, 2010
Interactive and opportunistic knowledge acquisition in case-based reasoning
A Cordier
Université Claude Bernard-Lyon I, 2008
Interactive knowledge acquisition in case based reasoning
A Cordier, B Fuchs, J Lieber, A Mille
Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Similarity, a workshop of the seventh …, 2007
The rope scale: a measure of how empathic a robot is perceived
L Charrier, A Rieger, A Galdeano, A Cordier, M Lefort, S Hassas
2019 14th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI …, 2019
Opportunistic Acquisition of Adaptation Knowledge and Cases — The IakA Approach
A Cordier, B Fuchs, L Lana de Carvalho, J Lieber, A Mille
European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 150-164, 2008
Trace replay with change propagation impact in client/server applications
R Zarka, A Cordier, E Egyed-Zsigmond, A Mille
IC 2011, 22èmes Journées francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances, 607-622, 2012
Concevoir des assistants intelligents pour des applications fortement orientées connaissances: problématiques, enjeux et étude de cas
A Cordier, M Lefevre, S Jean-Daubias, N Guin
21èmes Journées Francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances, 119-131, 2010
A teacher-dedicated tool supporting personalization of activities
M Lefevre, A Cordier, S Jean-Daubias, N Guin
EdMedia+ Innovate Learning, 1136-1141, 2009
Failure analysis for domain knowledge acquisition in a knowledge-intensive cbr system
A Cordier, B Fuchs, J Lieber, A Mille
International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 463-477, 2007
On-line domain knowledge management for case-based medical recommendation
A Cordier, B Fuchs, J Lieber, A Mille
5th workshop on CBR in the Health Sciences, a workshop of the seventh …, 2007
Inverting the interaction cycle to model embodied agents
OL Georgeon, A Cordier
Procedia Computer Science 41, 243-248, 2014
Acquisition interactive des connaissances d'adaptation intégrée aux sessions de raisonnement à partir de cas---Principes, architecture IakA et prototype KayaK
A Cordier, B Fuchs, J Lieber, A Mille
15ème atelier sur le raisonnement à partir de cas-RàPC-07, 71-84, 2007
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