Takeshi Chujo
Takeshi Chujo
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Functional domains of NEAT1 architectural lncRNA induce paraspeckle assembly through phase separation
T Yamazaki, S Souquere, T Chujo, S Kobelke, YS Chong, AH Fox, ...
Molecular cell 70 (6), 1038-1053. e7, 2018
The TDRD9-MIWI2 complex is essential for piRNA-mediated retrotransposon silencing in the mouse male germline
M Shoji, T Tanaka, M Hosokawa, M Reuter, A Stark, Y Kato, G Kondoh, ...
Developmental cell 17 (6), 775-787, 2009
Structural, super-resolution microscopy analysis of paraspeckle nuclear body organization
JA West, M Mito, S Kurosaka, T Takumi, C Tanegashima, T Chujo, ...
Journal of cell biology 214 (7), 817-830, 2016
LRPPRC/SLIRP suppresses PNPase-mediated mRNA decay and promotes polyadenylation in human mitochondria
T Chujo, T Ohira, Y Sakaguchi, N Goshima, N Nomura, A Nagao, T Suzuki
Nucleic acids research 40 (16), 8033-8047, 2012
Architectural RNAs (arcRNAs): A class of long noncoding RNAs that function as the scaffold of nuclear bodies
T Chujo, T Yamazaki, T Hirose
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1859 (1), 139-146, 2016
TRMT61B is a methyltransferase responsible for 1-methyladenosine at position 58 of human mitochondrial tRNAs
T Chujo, T Suzuki
Rna 18 (12), 2269-2276, 2012
Mitochondrial 16S rRNA is methylated by tRNA methyltransferase TRMT61B in all vertebrates
D Bar-Yaacov, I Frumkin, Y Yashiro, T Chujo, Y Ishigami, Y Chemla, ...
PLoS biology 14 (9), e1002557, 2016
Unusual semi‐extractability as a hallmark of nuclear body‐associated architectural noncoding RNAs
T Chujo, T Yamazaki, T Kawaguchi, S Kurosaka, T Takumi, S Nakagawa, ...
The EMBO Journal 36 (10), 1447-1462, 2017
Nuclear bodies built on architectural long noncoding RNAs: unifying principles of their construction and function
T Chujo, T Hirose
Molecules and cells 40 (12), 889-896, 2017
Human transfer RNA modopathies: diseases caused by aberrations in transfer RNA modifications
T Chujo, K Tomizawa
The FEBS journal 288 (24), 7096-7122, 2021
FTO demethylates cyclin D1 mRNA and controls cell-cycle progression
M Hirayama, FY Wei, T Chujo, S Oki, M Yakita, D Kobayashi, N Araki, ...
Cell reports 31 (1), 2020
Loss of Ftsj1 perturbs codon-specific translation efficiency in the brain and is associated with X-linked intellectual disability
Y Nagayoshi, T Chujo, S Hirata, H Nakatsuka, CW Chen, M Takakura, ...
Science advances 7 (13), eabf3072, 2021
Resistance to chemical carcinogenesis induction via a dampened inflammatory response in naked mole-rats
K Oka, S Fujioka, Y Kawamura, Y Komohara, T Chujo, K Sekiguchi, ...
Communications Biology 5 (1), 287, 2022
Cooperative methylation of human tRNA3Lys at positions A58 and U54 drives the early and late steps of HIV-1 replication
H Fukuda, T Chujo, FY Wei, SL Shi, M Hirayama, T Kaitsuka, T Yamamoto, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (20), 11855-11867, 2021
Regulation of growth hormone biosynthesis by Cdk5 regulatory subunit associated protein 1-like 1 (CDKAL1) in pituitary adenomas
Y Takesue, FY Wei, H Fukuda, Y Tanoue, T Yamamoto, T Chujo, ...
Endocrine Journal 66 (9), 807-816, 2019
Extracellular N6-isopentenyladenosine (i6A) addition induces cotranscriptional i6A incorporation into ribosomal RNAs
M Yakita, T Chujo, FY Wei, M Hirayama, K Kato, N Takahashi, ...
RNA 28 (7), 1013-1027, 2022
Cellular senescence induction leads to progressive cell death via the INK4a‐RB pathway in naked mole‐rats
Y Kawamura, K Oka, T Semba, M Takamori, Y Sugiura, R Yamasaki, ...
The EMBO Journal 42 (16), e111133, 2023
t6A and ms2t6A Modified Nucleosides in Serum and Urine as Strong Candidate Biomarkers of COVID-19 Infection and Severity
Y Nagayoshi, K Nishiguchi, R Yamamura, T Chujo, H Oshiumi, H Nagata, ...
Biomolecules 12 (9), 1233, 2022
NSUN3-mediated mitochondrial tRNA 5-formylcytidine modification is essential for embryonic development and respiratory complexes in mice
Y Murakami, FY Wei, Y Kawamura, H Horiguchi, T Kadomatsu, K Miyata, ...
Communications Biology 6 (1), 307, 2023
Export of RNA-derived modified nucleosides by equilibrative nucleoside transporters defines the magnitude of autophagy response and Zika virus replication
SL Shi, H Fukuda, T Chujo, T Kouwaki, H Oshiumi, K Tomizawa, FY Wei
RNA biology 18 (sup1), 478-495, 2021
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