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Renan Valieris
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Bioconda: sustainable and comprehensive software distribution for the life sciences
B Grüning, R Dale, A Sjödin, BA Chapman, J Rowe, CH Tomkins-Tinch, ...
Nature methods 15 (7), 475-476, 2018
Clonal CD4+ T cells in the HIV-1 latent reservoir display a distinct gene profile upon reactivation
LB Cohn, IT da Silva, R Valieris, AS Huang, JCC Lorenzi, YZ Cohen, ...
Nature medicine 24 (5), 604-609, 2018
Human dendritic cells (DCs) are derived from distinct circulating precursors that are precommitted to become CD1c+ or CD141+ DCs
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signeR: an empirical Bayesian approach to mutational signature discovery
RA Rosales, RD Drummond, R Valieris, E Dias-Neto, IT Da Silva
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Tojal da Silva I, Satija R, Nussenzweig MC. Human dendritic cells (DCs) are derived from distinct circulating precursors that are precommitted to become CD1c+ or CD141+ DCs
G Breton, S Zheng, R Valieris
J Exp Med 213 (13), 2861-70, 2016
A total transcriptome profiling method for plasma-derived extracellular vesicles: applications for liquid biopsies
MG Amorim, R Valieris, RD Drummond, MP Pizzi, VM Freitas, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Deep learning predicts underlying features on pathology images with therapeutic relevance for breast and gastric cancer
R Valieris, L Amaro, CABT Osório, AP Bueno, RA Rosales Mitrowsky, ...
Cancers 12 (12), 3687, 2020
A mixture model for determining SARS-Cov-2 variant composition in pooled samples
R Valieris, RD Drummond, A Defelicibus, E Dias-Neto, RA Rosales, ...
Bioinformatics 38 (7), 1809-1815, 2022
Utility of trio-based exome sequencing in the elucidation of the genetic basis of isolated syndromic intellectual disability: illustrative cases
TNR Carneiro, ACV Krepischi, SS Costa, I Tojal da Silva, ...
The application of clinical genetics, 93-98, 2018
A genomic case study of desmoplastic small round cell tumor: comprehensive analysis reveals insights into potential therapeutic targets and development of a monitoring tool for …
EN Ferreira, BDF Barros, JE De Souza, RV Almeida, GT Torrezan, ...
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APOBEC‐mediated DNA alterations: A possible new mechanism of carcinogenesis in EBV‐positive gastric cancer
I Bobrovnitchaia, R Valieris, RD Drummond, JP Lima, HC Freitas, ...
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Complex landscape of germline variants in Brazilian patients with hereditary and early onset breast cancer
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Insights into the somatic mutation burden of hepatoblastomas from Brazilian patients
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SurfaceomeDB: a cancer-orientated database for genes encoding cell surface proteins
JES de Souza, PAF Galante, RVB de Almeida, JPC Cunha, DT Ohara, ...
Cancer Immunity 12 (2), 2012
S-score: a scoring system for the identification and prioritization of predicted cancer genes
JES De Souza, AF Fonseca, R Valieris, DM Carraro, JYJ Wang, ...
PLoS One 9 (4), e94147, 2014
Family-based whole-exome sequencing identifies rare variants potentially related to cutaneous melanoma predisposition in Brazilian melanoma-prone families
F Fidalgo, GT Torrezan, BCS Sá, BDF Barros, LF Moredo, R Valieris, ...
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Genomics and epidemiology for gastric adenocarcinomas (GE4GAC): a Brazilian initiative to study gastric cancer
GE4GAC group, TF Bartelli, LL Senda de Abrantes, HC Freitas, ...
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Influence of BRCA1 germline mutations in the somatic mutational burden of triple-negative breast cancer
EN Ferreira, RC Brianese, RVB de Almeida, RD Drummond, JE de Souza, ...
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The impact of HER2 overexpression on the miRNA and circRNA transcriptomes in two breast cell lines and their vesicles
M Galli de Amorim, G Branco, R Valieris, E Tarcitano, I Tojal da Silva, ...
Pharmacogenomics 20 (7), 493-502, 2019
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