Brooke Krajancich
Brooke Krajancich
Vision Scientist, Apple
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Factored occlusion: Single spatial light modulator occlusion-capable optical see-through augmented reality display
B Krajancich, N Padmanaban, G Wetzstein
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 26 (5), 1871-1879, 2020
Optimizing depth perception in virtual and augmented reality through gaze-contingent stereo rendering
B Krajancich, P Kellnhofer, G Wetzstein
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 39 (6), 1-10, 2020
A perceptual model for eccentricity-dependent spatio-temporal flicker fusion and its applications to foveated graphics
B Krajancich, P Kellnhofer, G Wetzstein
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 40 (4), 1-11, 2021
A patient-specific mixed-reality visualization tool for thoracic surgical planning
SL Perkins, B Krajancich, CFJ Yang, BA Hargreaves, BL Daniel, MF Berry
The Annals of thoracic surgery 110 (1), 290-295, 2020
Handheld probe for quantitative micro-elastography
Q Fang, B Krajancich, L Chin, R Zilkens, A Curatolo, L Frewer, JD Anstie, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 10 (8), 4034-4049, 2019
Towards retina-quality VR video streaming: 15ms could save you 80% of your bandwidth
L Hsiao, B Krajancich, P Levis, G Wetzstein, K Winstein
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 52 (1), 10-19, 2022
Handheld volumetric manual compression‐based quantitative microelastography
Q Fang, L Frewer, R Zilkens, B Krajancich, A Curatolo, L Chin, KY Foo, ...
Journal of biophotonics 13 (6), e201960196, 2020
Towards attention–aware foveated rendering
B Krajancich, P Kellnhofer, G Wetzstein
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 42 (4), 1-10, 2023
Handheld optical palpation of turbid tissue with motion-artifact correction
B Krajancich, A Curatolo, Q Fang, R Zilkens, BF Dessauvagie, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 10 (1), 226-241, 2019
Method of volumetric imaging of a sample
B Kennedy, B Krajancich, Q Fang, A Curatolo
US Patent 11,443,464, 2022
Towards attention-aware rendering for virtual and augmented reality
B Krajancich, P Kellnhofer, G Wetzstein
arXiv preprint arXiv: 2302 1368, 2023
Manual compression for hand-held 3D quantitative micro-elastography of human breast tissue (Conference Presentation)
J Anstie, B Krajancich, L Chin, L Frewer, Q Fang, P Wijesinghe, ...
Optical Elastography and Tissue Biomechanics VI 10880, 108800N, 2019
Towards Perceptually Realistic Gaze-Contingent Virtual and Augmented Reality Displays
BL Krajancich
Stanford University, 2023
A method for handheld quantitative micro-elastography of excised human breast (Conference Presentation)
Q Fang, B Krajancich, L Chin, L Frewer, R Zilkens, JD Anstie, ...
Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in …, 2019
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