Michael Prummer
Michael Prummer
Biostatistician at NEXUS, Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies Zürich (ETH)
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Generation of vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells from human pluripotent stem cells
C Patsch, L Challet-Meylan, EC Thoma, E Urich, T Heckel, JF O’Sullivan, ...
Nature cell biology 17 (8), 994-1003, 2015
Three‐dimensional high‐resolution particle tracking for optical tweezers by forward scattered light
A Pralle, M Prummer, EL Florin, EHK Stelzer, JKH Hörber
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Multifunctional Lipid/Quantum-Dots Hybrid Nanocontainers for Controlled Targeting of Live Cells
G Gopalakrishnan, C Danelon, P Izewska, M Prummer, PY Bolinger, ...
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 45 (ARTICLE), 5478-5483, 2006
Disease modeling and phenotypic drug screening for diabetic cardiomyopathy using human induced pluripotent stem cells
FM Drawnel, S Boccardo, M Prummer, F Delobel, A Graff, M Weber, ...
Cell reports 9 (3), 810-820, 2014
White-to-brown metabolic conversion of human adipocytes by JAK inhibition
A Moisan, YK Lee, JD Zhang, CS Hudak, CA Meyer, M Prummer, ...
Nature cell biology 17 (1), 57-67, 2015
Bace2 is a β cell-enriched protease that regulates pancreatic β cell function and mass
D Esterhazy, I Stützer, H Wang, MP Rechsteiner, J Beauchamp, H Döbeli, ...
Cell metabolism 14 (3), 365-377, 2011
Combined mutation in Vhl, Trp53 and Rb1 causes clear cell renal cell carcinoma in mice
S Harlander, D Schönenberger, NC Toussaint, M Prummer, A Catalano, ...
Nature medicine 23 (7), 869-877, 2017
Visualizing odorant receptor trafficking in living cells down to the single-molecule level
V Jacquier, M Prummer, JM Segura, H Pick, H Vogel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (39), 14325-14330, 2006
Coupled rotation within single F0F1 enzyme complexes during ATP synthesis or hydrolysis
G Kaim, M Prummer, B Sick, G Zumofen, A Renn, UP Wild, P Dimroth
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Orientation dependence of fluorescence lifetimes near an interface
M Kreiter, M Prummer, B Hecht, UP Wild
The Journal of chemical physics 117 (20), 9430-9433, 2002
Single-molecule identification by spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence detection
M Prummer, CG Hübner, B Sick, B Hecht, A Renn, UP Wild
Analytical chemistry 72 (3), 443-447, 2000
A novel anti-HER2 anthracycline-based antibody-drug conjugate induces adaptive anti-tumor immunity and potentiates PD-1 blockade in breast cancer
L D’Amico, U Menzel, M Prummer, P Müller, M Buchi, A Kashyap, ...
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 7 (1), 1-15, 2019
The Tumor Profiler Study: integrated, multi-omic, functional tumor profiling for clinical decision support
A Irmisch, X Bonilla, S Chevrier, KV Lehmann, F Singer, NC Toussaint, ...
Cancer Cell 39 (3), 288-293, 2021
Machine learning-powered antibiotics phenotypic drug discovery
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Scientific reports 9 (1), 5013, 2019
Three-dimensional optical polarization tomography of single molecules
M Prummer, B Sick, B Hecht, UP Wild
The Journal of chemical physics 118 (21), 9824-9829, 2003
Diffusion-time distribution analysis reveals characteristic ligand-dependent interaction patterns of nuclear receptors in living cells
H Jankevics, M Prummer, P Izewska, H Pick, K Leufgen, H Vogel
Biochemistry 44 (35), 11676-11683, 2005
Multiparameter microscopy and spectroscopy for single-molecule analytics
M Prummer, B Sick, A Renn, UP Wild
Analytical chemistry 76 (6), 1633-1640, 2004
MiR-99b-5p expression and response to tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients
M Lukamowicz-Rajska, C Mittmann, M Prummer, Q Zhong, J Bedke, ...
Oncotarget 7 (48), 78433, 2016
Molecular phenotyping combines molecular information, biological relevance, and patient data to improve productivity of early drug discovery
FM Drawnel, JD Zhang, E Küng, N Aoyama, F Benmansour, ...
Cell chemical biology 24 (5), 624-634. e3, 2017
Post‐translational Covalent Labeling Reveals Heterogeneous Mobility of Individual G Protein‐Coupled Receptors in Living Cells
M Prummer, BH Meyer, R Franzini, JM Segura, N George, K Johnsson, ...
ChemBioChem 7 (6), 908-911, 2006
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