Mariano Rincón
Mariano Rincón
artificial intelligence, UNED
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Identification of the optic nerve head with genetic algorithms
EJ Carmona, M Rincón, J García-Feijoó, JM Martínez-de-la-Casa
Artificial intelligence in medicine 43 (3), 243-259, 2008
Artificial intelligence within the interplay between natural and artificial computation: Advances in data science, trends and applications
JM Górriz, J Ramírez, A Ortíz, FJ Martinez-Murcia, F Segovia, J Suckling, ...
Neurocomputing 410, 237-270, 2020
On the correspondence between objects and events for the diagnosis of situations in visual surveillance tasks
R Martínez-Tomás, M Rincón, M Bachiller, J Mira
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Hippocampal complex atrophy in poststroke and mild cognitive impairment
P Selnes, R Grambaite, M Rincon, A Bjørnerud, L Gjerstad, E Hessen, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 35 (11), 1729-1737, 2015
A multi-robot surveillance system simulated in gazebo
E Folgado, M Rincón, JR Álvarez, J Mira
Nature Inspired Problem-Solving Methods in Knowledge Engineering: Second …, 2007
Improved automatic segmentation of white matter hyperintensities in MRI based on multilevel lesion features
M Rincón, E Díaz-López, P Selnes, K Vegge, M Altmann, T Fladby, ...
Neuroinformatics 15, 231-245, 2017
A block-based model for monitoring of human activity
E Folgado, M Rincón, EJ Carmona, M Bachiller
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Diagnosis of cognitive impairment compatible with early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease
JM Guerrero, R Martínez-Tomás, M Rincón, H Peraita
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Knowledge modeling for the image understanding task as a design task
M Rincón, M Bachiller, J Mira
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Knowledge modeling for the traffic sign recognition task
M Rincón, S Lafuente-Arroyo, S Maldonado-Bascón
Mechanisms, Symbols, and Models Underlying Cognition: First International …, 2005
An overview of graph databases and their applications in the biomedical domain
S Timón-Reina, M Rincón, R Martínez-Tomás
Database 2021, 2021
A simulation tool for monitoring elderly who suffer from disorientation in a smart home
C García‐Rodríguez, R Martínez‐Tomás, JM Cuadra‐Troncoso, M Rincón, ...
Expert Systems 32 (6), 676-687, 2015
On the effect of feedback in multilevel representation spaces for visual surveillance tasks
EJ Carmona, M Rincón, M Bachiller, J Martínez-Cantos, ...
Neurocomputing 72 (4-6), 916-927, 2009
Segmentation of moving objects with information feedback between description levels
M Rincón, EJ Carmona, M Bachiller, E Folgado
Nature Inspired Problem-Solving Methods in Knowledge Engineering: Second …, 2007
Bayesian Network Model to Sup-port Diagnosis of Cognitive Impair-ment Compatible with an Early Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease
JM Guerrero, R Martínez-Tomás, M Rincón, H Peraita-Adrados
Methods of information in medicine 55, 42-49, 2016
Towards a Semi-automatic Situation Diagnosis System in Surveillance Tasks
J Mira, R Martínez, M Rincón, M Bachiller, A Fernández-Caballero
Nature Inspired Problem-Solving Methods in Knowledge Engineering: Second …, 2007
Extending xnat platform with an incremental semantic framework
S Timón, M Rincón, R Martínez-Tomás
Frontiers in neuroinformatics 11, 57, 2017
ARDIS: knowledge‐based architecture for visual system configuration in dynamic surface inspection
D Martín, M Rincón, MC García‐Alegre, D Guinea
Expert Systems 28 (4), 353-374, 2011
ARDIS: knowledge-based dynamic architecture for real-time surface visual inspection
D Martín, M Rincón, MC García-Alegre, D Guinea
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An annotation tool for video understanding
M Rincón, J Martínez-Cantos
Computer Aided Systems Theory–EUROCAST 2007: 11th International Conference …, 2007
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